Aspire One (Linpus) - Backup Solution

For Aspire One Computers with 8GB SSD Drives*

Many people with the AAO are activating things like the advanced menu or adding additional tweaks to get more productivity out of this marvelous little netbook computer. However, updates from Acer can destroy all your time consuming work. Creating Acer's recovery flash key can also be problematic and using it brings your AAO back to its out-of-box state with total data loss. It is MUCH better to be able to have a reliable backup of your current system.

Our backup solution is the answer when using an AAO! And it is so easy to use. You'll simply plug in the 8GB flash key into a USB port of the AAO. Then you'll turn on the AAO and hit F12 to choose to boot your computer from the flash key. This will bootup an external Linux system and take you to our backup script. The options you'll be presented with are:

1. Backup
2. Restore
3. Quit

Type in "1" and your SSD drive on the AAO will be completely backed up to the flash key. Should you ever need to restore your system, then typing "2" will restore this backup on to your SSD drive in the AAO. This is a complete backup solution that backs up everything on the internal SSD drive (MBR, ext2 partition and swap partition).

To purchase with a major credit card OR through your existing PayPal account, ($49.99 CAD + $10 s/h) just click the Buy Now button below ...

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Do you have your own 8GB Flash Key**? See how you can just purchase the software and save on shipping costs and get your backup system up and running quickly ... Read More

** Confirmed to work with Kingston 8GB DataTraveler and Sandisk Cruzer 8GB.
Probably will work with others.

* NOTE: If your Aspire One has a hard drive and not an 8GB SSD drive, you can still create a backup system that will work for you. You'll need an external USB hard drive large enough to hold the backup of your internal hard drive. Please read the FAQ for information on how this backup system can be adapted to work with an external USB hard drive.