Purchase Just The Software - $20.00 USD


If you already have your own 8GB Kingston Flash Key, you can purchase just the software and using this software you can easily create your own Flash Key Backup and Restore Solution! This *might* work with other 8GB flash keys, but I cannot guarantee it as some flash keys can be weird.

When you purchase this software you'll need to provide your IP address. This will allow you to download the software from my web server. When you click the Buy Now button below, you'll be able to purchase the software using a credit card or if you have a PayPal account, using that account.

It is important that when purchasing you fill out the comment field (in the PayPal payment) with your IP address! Please COPY it now, so you can paste below in your payment.

Once I receive the PayPal payment, I'll email you instructions on where to download the software. The download page contains full instructions on creating your own 8GB Flash Key backup/restore system. Your IP address MUST match what you provided when you paid for the software or you will not be able to access the download site. Access to the site will continue for 1 week after purchase.

Save 40% -  ONLY $12.00!
To purchase for only $20.00 USD, paste your IP Address in the field and then click the Buy Now button below ...

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If you have any problems or further questions, please email me at: rbil49_AT_gmail.com

Access to download the software will look like this ...

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* NOTE: If your Aspire One has a hard drive and not an 8GB SSD drive, this backup system is not for you. You will need to find some other way to backup your current system.