Some Screen Shots

Here are some screen shots of the backup system. Sorry about the quality, but they were taken with a digital camera ...

Boot Menu

When you turn on your Aspire One with the Flash Key inserted in a USB slot, you type F12 and then select the boot device ...

Linux is Booting

Just hit ENTER at the prompts or wait and the system will boot up.

Linux System Is Booting

A lot of information will scroll by as the system boots. Really, you don't need to concern yourself with this.

Keyboard Choice

The boot process will stop prompting you to choose the keyboard that you have. The default is US keymap. Just hit ENTER to proceed or type in the number representing the keyboard map that you use. If you do nothing, the default US keymap will load and the bootup process will continue.

Backup System is Loaded

Just hit ENTER to go to the Main Menu of the Backup System.

The Main Menu

Here is where you select either to Backup, Restore or Quit the backup system. You'll type in a 1 if you wish to backup, then hit ENTER.

Backing Up Your SSD Drive

Your SSD Drive is being backed up to the Flash Key. As the backup progresses, you'll see the amount backed up, the time since the backup started, the speed of the backup in MB/second, a graph showing the progress, the percentage backed up and finally the estimated time remaining to complete the backup.

Close-up of Status During A Backup

Backup Completed

When the backup has finished you'll see a screen similar to this. It'll display the records in and out (showing it is all backed up), the amount of bytes backed up, the total number of seconds the backup took and the MB/second speed of the backup. The compressed backup image will be displayed, verifying that it is indeed there, written to the Flash Key. It may display more than one file, because the backup images are split into files of 2GB in size.

When the backup is complete, hitting ENTER will shutdown your computer, so you can then remove the Flash Key.

Restoring Your System

Should you need to restore your SSD drive from your current backup, you'll boot the Flash Key as described above. Linux will load and you'll eventually reach the Main Menu. Select 2 to restore your system.

Here is a screenshot of the restore process running ...

Restore Completes

Hit ENTER and the system will shutdown, allowing you to remove the Flash Key.